Saturday, January 5, 2008

My Room Mate

This is story inside my life, some part of my daily life. This story about my room mate. We will call him Mr. A....cute nice person...we’ve been a room mate for about 3 years since October 2oo4. Fortunately we came from same district, so we can say that we have some relation, tighly than other members in my room (we live together in student dormitory). Mr. A is kind of idealism person, make him more exciting for me, he always teach me something new outside of life before, fully great idea and smart this thing we are in the same degree....

One thing, Mr. A just like a bat, sleep in the end of night, sleep in the morning and wake up in the noon. I always lose from him in this fact.

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Virtual Soldier said...

coz I wanna be Batman bro....:)