Monday, January 7, 2008

I Miss My Book

OMG, i just realize, 2 of my book was gone. terrible...2 of my favorite book....
i still remember first time i found my book. the first book, i found about years ago. i just looking for book in a store, i forgot the book. but in the fact i cant find that book. i just looking around perhaps i can find another book. and... i find my book (this first one), titled "Stories about Shalat*".(shalat=pray)
this book, i cant imagine i lost it now, like an rescuer for me, when im being lost in my religion, when i just careless about my LORD, i found this this book make me so far from my LORD that, i cant say that ALLAH love me, but at least im being better mushalli* now (* someone who did shalat). this book at least run me back to be better i can. this book guide me to the mosque, this book always warning me to be discipline in time...LORD bring him back to me!!
the second book....i dont have idea where it be, titled "i found u in my tahajjud"....where are both u... :( ...desperate

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