Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm Longing For You

I'm longing for you.
Longing for your presence,
Longing for your smiles and laughters,
Your jokes and everything after.
I'm longing for the hugs and kisses.
Cos you're being here makes me feel safe.
Feels like I never be lonely again.
You warm my heart during rains,and be my shelther under the sun.
Home.that's what you are to me,eventhough you're so far away.
I love you,every step of the way.

Karina Utami Dewi
(Jogja, 02-01-2011, 00.55)


Anonymous said...

pasti yang namanya Karina Utami Dewi ini cantik banget ya, sampe puisinya dua buah gitu di post disini. hehehee...

diva si diva said...

abang ko romantis niaaaaaan